Client Reviews

We love our clients! And we’re honored to say that they love us too. Read a few of our clients’ stories below about working with the Oak + Honey Event Planning Co. Team, and visit our profile on The Knot for many more.


I was totally on the fence about whether I needed a wedding planner since I was planning a garden wedding with only 30 people. Hiring Melanie and her team was the actual best decision that I made in the entire planning process. She's incredibly down to earth, honest, and professional. She was such a comfort to me throughout the process and she went so far above and beyond for the full year beforehand and on the day-of. I honestly cannot recommend Oak & Honey enough. My wedding would not have been the same and I would have been a nervous wreck without them. The final event was absolutely gorgeous beyond my wildest dreams and it's in very large part to Melanie and her team.

–Catie, Tied the Knot: June 23, 2018

Can I give Oak & Honey Events MORE than 5 stars? I do not even know where to begin with how awesome Melanie @ Oak & Honey Events was to work with. We hired Melanie about a year out from our wedding in the early stages of planning. We live 3+ hrs from our venue and I was very stressed about finding the perfect vendors to match our style. Melanie immediately jumped into action with wonderful vendor recommendations. Over the course of a year I came to think of Melanie not as a planner but more like a close girlfriend that I could go to with anything : ) It was like she became family to my fiancee Jeff and I. She is always quick to get back to emails, texts, phone calls and willing to help with any questions you may have. When my venue's "event planner" was let go a lot of our wedding details, contracts etc were lost in the shuffle. Melanie immediately worked with the venue's owner and got everything sorted out and helped put us at ease. The month before our wedding she reached out to all our vendors, created timelines for us to follow and made sure everything was checked off on our list. Her online website helped keep us on track with a helpful timeline as well as on budget. The day of our wedding we did not have to think about a single thing- Melanie and her team took care of EVERYTHING and made our day run so smoothly. Everyone in our wedding party kept commenting on how great it was to have Melanie around handling everything. The day was more BEAUTIFUL & STRESS-FREE than I could have ever imagined. Hiring Oak & Honey Events was the BEST money we spent on our wedding. I have to figure out another event to have so that I can have the joy of working with Melanie and her team again <3

–Crystal, Tied the Knot: September 3, 2016

I could not be more thrilled with the experience I had planning my wedding with Melanie and her staff at Oak & Honey! Melanie was so easy to work with, and was there for me every step of the way. The day of my wedding went like clockwork! If anything was amiss, I had absolutely no clue as Melanie was able to take care of everything. She and her staff were so attentive, making sure we had everything we needed. If I could give Oak & Honey more stars, I definitely would!

–Kate, Tied the Knot: July 21, 2018

I have the unique perspective as the mother of both a bride and a groom that utilized the day-of coordination services of Oak & Honey Events. The weddings were approximately 1 year apart (July 2017 and July 2018). The first wedding involved a bridal party of 16 and 200+ guests. The second had no bridal party and fewer than 100 guests. Both weddings were flawlessly executed, thanks to the coordination efforts of Melanie Tindell and Oak & Honey Events. We so appreciated the responsiveness of the team during the planning stages and the coordination of the final confirmations and scheduling of all vendors. The timelines provided for both weddings were very manageable and kept everyone on track the day of the wedding. Melanie and her team have a great sense of design, style, and attention to detail and placed all of the décor in a pleasing and sensible manner. When you consider your wedding budget, and all the resources you will expend to plan the best day possible, the most critical investment, in my opinion, is ensuring that your vision will be perfectly executed. Because of our trust in Melanie and Oak & Honey, the families were able to enjoy the wedding day in a relaxed manner, knowing that all of the details would be attended to and that any problems that popped up would be solved by Melanie and her team.

–Janel, Mother, Wedding: July 21, 2018

I can't say enough good things about Melanie and her team at Oak and Honey events! We hired them to help us with the last two or three months of the planning process/day of services and it was by far the best money we spent for the wedding. They kept everything on track that day (despite some people showing up over an hour early for the event... while everyone was still in the middle of setting up) and made sure we actually enjoyed the experience instead of worrying about details. I don't even want to think about how stressful that day would have been without her team there. I encourage everyone to consider utilizing Oak and Honey... you won't regret it!

–Eryn, Tied the Knot: July 14, 2018

I am a very organized person with a flexible work schedule, so I truly did not think I needed a wedding planner. However, once I became disappointed and nervous at my reception vendor people, I looked into it for peace of mind. I found Oak and Honey and talked to Melissa, and from our first phone call, I just had a good gut feeling. I chose the "day of" wedding package, but Melissa helped me coordinate a LOT of details 2 months before. She contacted all of my vendors for me and created an ongoing and changing "master timeline" of the day. I am blown away by how much my expectations have been exceeded. Melissa and the Oak and Honey team went above and beyond to make sure my day went smoothly. There are a TON of things you don't and won't think about when you're planning a wedding, and Oak and Honey was there to fill in those unknowns. I don't know how my event would have gone so smoothly without them. I was able to get ready, say I do, take pictures, and dance the night away without having to worry about background stuff. You have to go with this company. They take pride in what they do and it's worth every penny.

–Christine, Tied the Knot: June 2, 2018

Hiring Oak and Honey for our wedding was by far the best decision I made during the whole planning process! I was one of those brides who thought I could do everything on my own, but as the day got closer I realized I was going to need some major help pulling all our hard work together in an organized way. My interactions with Oak and Honey were amazing from the very beginning. Melissa and I met about 8 weeks before the big day (we had already booked all our vendors by ourselves at this point) and discussed how to pull everything together. I was super comfortable handing everything over to Melissa because I could tell right away she really cared about us and our day going exactly how we wanted. So she became the point of contact for all my vendors- which was amazing because we got married in a barn on a farm so we had A LOT of vendors coming in. I didn't have to worry anymore about coordinating a bunch of phone calls and emails on top of everything else I was doing. From there she made an AMAZING AND DETAILED timeline- which is exactly what I needed to ease my mind. She made sure all the vendors were on the same page and on the same timeline. Any time I had a question she responded instantly. There was never a lag or lack in communication EVER. She came to our rehearsal the day before and made sure everything was in place. On the actual wedding day, I was able to enjoy getting ready with my bridesmaids because Melissa was the one taking all the phone calls and setting everything up at the farm that was 30 minutes away from where I was getting ready. I have no idea how I would have done all this without Melissa. When we got to the venue and had our first look and pictures done, I snuck up to the barn to peak at the setup and decor before the ceremony... and let me tell you... IT WAS GORGEOUS, I WAS IN SHOCK. I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted our reception to look like and Melissa went above and beyond all my expectations making it happen. My one bridesmaid even made a comment that it looked like a wedding straight off of Pinterest. Throughout the night she made sure everything was on track and took care of any issue that popped up without worrying me. She made sure I was eating and drinking and really cared about me as a person, not just a client. After everything was over, she loaded all our gifts into the car and tore down all the decor so we didn't have to worry about that either. Oak and Honey also offer to donate all your flowers to a nursing home- which I loved and decided to do that. I could go on and on about how great I think this company is, but our day would not have been possible without Melissa and Oak and Honey, seriously! The peace of mind they provided to me during a very stressful time was worth every penny. Do yourself a huge favor and book this company!!!

–Alex, Tied the Knot: May 26, 2018

My wedding was perfect! It was everything that I ever dreamed it would be, and much of that perfect design and execution was because of Melanie’s help and insights. My mom and I started planning initially by ourselves, and it was such a relief when we decided to bring in Melanie. She was incredibly organized, kept us updated throughout the planning process and had wonderful design suggestions. She thought of designs that I would never have that really made the wedding ceremony and reception beautiful. She really gets to know her clients so that her design suggestions fit with their vision for the wedding. There was no detail of the wedding that went unplanned. Here are some attributes that we would use to describe Melanie and the exceptional service that she provides: Amazing, Insightful, Extremely organized, Prompt, Anticipated needs, Personable, Attended to every detail, Established a trusting relationship with us and the vendors, Kept us continuously informed. Melanie brought a sense of relief to us and brought a breath of fresh air and joy to what could have been a very stressful planning process. She helped to ensure that my wedding was an exceptional event that provided a lifetime of beautiful memories.

–Elise, Tied the Knot: July 22, 2017

I am so glad we hired Oak & Honey Events to help us with our wedding! We opted for the "Honeycomb" package since I had already selected most of our vendors by the time I found Oak & Honey and was mostly interested in "day-of" coordination services. However, I really wound up appreciating the "month-of" nature of the Honeycomb package. Melanie and Melissa attended the final walk-through of our reception venue, created a timeline for the wedding day with all of my vendors, and made the list of things I would need to bring to the rehearsal for them to have ready for the next day. All in all, I really feel that Melanie and Melissa were absolutely essential to our wedding day go as well as it did, and I would definitely recommend Oak & Honey Events to any couples who are interested in having their wedding professionally organized so they can be fully present on their big day and really get to enjoy it!

–Kelly, Tied the Knot: June 24, 2017

Hiring Melanie and her team was the smartest decision I made when planning my wedding, hands-down. The year leading up to my wedding was one of the most stressful of my life--health issues, moving out of state, starting a new job, finishing grad school etc. etc. As soon as I brought Melanie on to help plan via her "pollen" package, she instantly made me feel like my dream, "Pinterest-worthy" wedding was still possible, despite having just 5-ish months left before the big day. From our first Skype meeting, Melanie provided incredibly valuable advice to my husband and I. I'm certain her advice, recommendations, and relationships with numerous and various top vendors saved us thousands of dollars. As we got married in a barn on a farm, it was necessary to bring in many outside vendors to pull off a great and attractive wedding (e.g. caterer, linens, other rentals, DJ etc. etc.). Melanie seamlessly set up and oversaw all of these relationships, and in turn, alleviated a ton of stress and worry. Melanie immediately understood my vision for a "boho southwestern" wedding and aided me in pulling it off to a degree that I could never have on my own. She has an eye for detail and great design skills, but also listens well to your desires and goals for the day. Melanie pointed out many things that I would have never thought about, came up with some amazing ideas, and helped me mold my own ideas to ensure they were in my budget and otherwise feasible. Throughout the planning process, I always felt that we were working together as a team. When dealing with my family members' opinions, I always felt that Melanie was firmly on MY side and this was wonderful! Having Melanie and her wonderful assistants present on the day of the wedding to coordinate was, alone, worth the cost of the entire pollen package. Her team's tireless work that day truly allowed my husband and I a completely worry-free wedding. Thanks to Melanie, we knew that we were in good hands and everything was being executed to our expectations. Ahead of the big day, she created a detailed timeline to all of the vendors, a pull sheet, and created a detailed floor plan. Her hard work to ensure things ran smoothly allowed us to have what was truly the best day of our lives. In sum, I highly recommend hiring Melanie and her team. Her services are an absolute bargain for all that you receive. She will go above and beyond for you at every turn and ensure that your dream wedding becomes a reality.

–Angie, Tied the Knot: June 3, 2017

Melanie Tindell and her staff were BEYOND amazing! My fiancé Chris and I were very stressed/crazed having moved back to Cleveland for a month from NYC, finishing up all of the prep that we needed to do for the wedding and preparing for our move to Seattle (which, followed a couple days after the wedding.) Needless to say, we both were feeling a little bit on edge/overwhelmed and Oak & Honey helped make us feel a 1,000 times better. Melanie was super friendly/easy to work with and was a great organizer, planner, and director when it came down to wrangling all of the bridal party, as well as our families with what they needed to do and where they needed to be. Oak & Honey mailed us a lovely care package filled with local treats, which was such a nice surprise! Besides, the little touches (such, as that) Melanie and her staff ran a tight ship a month out and the day of. There were even some technical difficulties with the tent (beyond her control) and Melanie made sure to take care of it. She was so great that she didn't even worry us when it was our rehearsal dinner. I found out the next day from one of my sisters that Melanie had told her that she "was going to do all that she could to fix the situation and that she would even get her husband out there if need be to tear down the current tent, put up the new one, and re-string all of the lights) How is that for dedication/awesomeness?!

Thank you Melanie and all of your staff for being so wonderful to work with, so accommodating, personable, and fun. Melanie--you made the decisions when we were unable to and made sure we had a fun, smooth and relaxing day. We couldn't be more thankful! I 100% and then some recommend Oak & Honey Events!!

–Maggie, Tied the Knot: June 25, 2016

We may have jumped on the event planning bandwagon a little late, but I really can’t express how happy I am (still, 2.5 months post-wedding) that we decided to hire Oak & Honey Events. Working with Melanie and Krysta was a breath of fresh air in the wedding planning process. Prior to hiring O&H, I thought I had a handle on the planning, with most of my vendors and venue secured. I had a lot of ideas regarding décor and details but was coming up short on execution. As soon as O&H entered the picture, every single aspect of my vision was executed, without the stress and hassle that I previously experienced. Not only do Melanie and Krysta have great taste and style when it comes to the planning process, but their experience and resourcefulness was exactly what I needed to edit and fine-tune my plans. Décor and details aside, Melanie and Krysta were a Godsend logistically! We had an outdoor wedding, with a venue located in a more rural location, over an hour away from our home; this presented some unexpected hurdles in the planning process when it came to accommodations, transport, setup, etc. I am not exaggerating when I say that every aspect I was worried about went flawlessly the day of. Everyone told me to anticipate at least three things going wrong on our wedding day, and that never happened. After all of the time and energy we put into planning our wedding day, my husband and I, and most importantly, our parents, we able to feel like guests at our wedding. Krysta was present on our wedding day, and without a doubt, her attention to detail, reliability, and attentiveness really helped to create the best day of our lives! O&H was worth every penny, one million times over!

–Allie, Tied the Knot: May 28, 2016

If I could give Oak & Honey Events more stars, I would!! Melanie and I started worked together for about a year and a half at my wedding, and she was fantastic throughout the entire process. She was knowledgeable about different vendors and really tried to help me choose the right ones that fit in my budget and worked well with my theme. She was always available to help me answer my questions, whether it was a phone call, or text, or email, especially when it was closer to the wedding date. The day of, she was (in my opinion) the hero of the day! She made the venue look AMAZING with the help of her staff, and the day went absolutely perfect! She was always checking on my husband and me to see if we needed anything, and she also checked on our parents as well! She really helped to make our day perfect, and it was! She really made the whole wedding planning process a breeze, and my husband and I couldn't have been more lucky to work with her. If you need a wedding planner, Melanie with Oak & Honey Events should most definitely be your #1 pick, you'll be so happy you did!!

–Samantha, Tied the Knot: May 28, 2016