Airy Irish Wedding

We loved working with Erin and Justin from our consult with them. The wedding had many personalized details from the bagpiper to the magician at the reception. The color palette included touches of dusty blue, greenery, white, marble, and gold.

The proposal story in Erin’s words:

Justin's sister Jessie was engaged. She had reached out to Justin and I about taking a trip to Seneca Lake (Finger Lakes) to help her and her fiance' pick out wedding venues. We picked a weekend and stayed at our favorite hotel on the lake, Watkins Glen Harbor. The week going into that weekend, there were two very weird occurrences. I was getting my hair done and telling my stylist what I was up to that weekend. He asked if I thought Justin was going to propose. I flat out said not a chance. His sister had gotten engaged 3 months prior, we were in the midst of building a home, and Justin had started a new job. That same day, one of my very close friends had texted me saying that she had dreamt Justin had proposed. Yet, I was still not convinced one bit it was even around the corner, and with everything going on, I was okay with that. We got in late Friday night and he was as cool as a cucumber. We had a great dinner and went to bed early. In the morning, we worked out and got ready. While I was getting finishing getting ready, Justin suggested we get some champagne and have some mimosas! He comes back to the room with an expensive bottle of champagne (I had to clue him in on such) and asked if he even looked at the price and we should probably exchange. He then stated who cares, I charged to the room, so I thought he's being fun, let's do this! After I finished getting ready, he asked me to sit out on our rooms balcony to finish the champagne. He starts by saying, we are not only out here for Jessie and Jeremy to celebrate their engagement and help them look for venues,but. I, of course not looking at him, go on to tell him the story of my girlfriends dream and stylists guess. As, soon as I turn my head, I see him down on one knee with tears in his eyes. I said yes and couldn't wait to tell my mom! Little did I know there was another surprise to come! I face timed my mom right away, who was driving, I thought nothing of the fact she answered and she had told me she was on her way to the grocery store. Cool as a cucumber as well, as you will shortly find out. I then made a couple other calls to my dad and close friends and we headed to meet Jessie and Jeremy. They were outside waiting for us. Once we united with them and had a moment of celebration, we walked around the corner to the other side of the winery. To my absolute surprise was my sister, my mom, and his whole family. We spent the day all together going to the different wineries celebrating. It couldn't have been any better!

Couple’s Tip for Couples:

Hire Oak + Honey, so you can enjoy your day with zero worries.

Hair & Beauty: Beauty Therapy // Donuts: Peace Love and Little Donuts // Cigars: The Cigar Guys // Entertainment: Cleveland Music Group // Magicians: The Alans Live LLC // Floral: Twig Florals // Officiant: Our Wedding Officiant // Rentals: L’Nique Specialty Linen // Photography: Kayla Coleman Photography // Invitation Suite: Minted // Day of Stationery: Baci Designer // Venue: Lakewood Country Club // Wedding Planner: Oak + Honey Event Event Planning Co.