Finding the Perfect Makeup Artist for your Wedding

We’re continuing our series  featuring vendors inspiring you and giving you useful tips and questions to ask so you to make sure you find the right fit. This week, we feature Maggie of


. She is sharing what you should look for to find the makeup artist that will be reliable and fit your personal style and why this isn't the place were you should try to slash the budget. 




Maggie Kleinman of MKleinmanArtistry


Mobile makeup artistry service for special occasions, weddings, lessons and more


Maggie has been in the beauty industry for close to 10 years now, starting professionally at the age of 18.


Based in Cleveland, OH, available for travel wherever services are needed

Why: Maggie has always had a passion for art, especially painting. Her love for painting sparked an interest in makeup in junior high, and blossomed into a true passion in high school. Maggie has worked with many top makeup brands including MAC cosmetics (which she continues to use), Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Laura Mercier, and Shu Umura. After working for MAC for about 5 years, Maggie took the plunge and began her career as a self employed makeup artist calling her business MKleinmanArtistry. She has worked on many clients over the years, but has a true passion for weddings and bridal makeup.

Photo Credit: Mallory + Justin Photographers

Photo Credit: Mallory + Justin Photographers

I am so excited that Melanie of Oak & Honey events has asked me to do a guest blog post for her readers. I love blogging, but don't do it nearly enough, so any chance I get, I love to talk about makeup and weddings! Melanie asked me, "What should potential bridal clients look for when booking a makeup artist for their big day?" I think some of the most important things to look for when choosing a makeup artist are the following: solid and plentiful reviews; an up to date website with references/photos; a makeup artist who asks lots of questions to investigate what type of look the bride wants to achieve; someone that is warm and friendly; someone who offers a makeup trial before the big day; and someone who is established in their business.

Photo Credit: Lauren Gabrielle Photography

Photo Credit: Lauren Gabrielle Photography

It is important that all of the wedding vendors you choose for your wedding have strong reviews, and plenty of them! If you are choosing someone to help with one of the most important days of your lives, you should make sure they are a credible business with lots of glowing reviews. WeddingWire & The Knot are two great places where brides can leave reviews on businesses for other potential clients to view. An up to date website with photos is especially important in my line of work because brides want to see past work I have done on brides. I always try to keep my website and portfolio up-to-date so potential clients can see my best and most current work. If a makeup artist doesn't have a website or at least photos to show for reference, he or she is probably not a great fit for your wedding day.

 A makeup artist that asks lots of questions during the makeup trial is also important. I have found that the only way to really understand what a bride is looking for is to ask questions and to ask if they have any photos for inspiration. Some of the questions your makeup artist should ask are "How do you typically wear your makeup? What colors and textures do you prefer? Have you thought about incorporating any of the colors in your wedding into your makeup? Tell me about your skin type, is it more normal, oily, or dry?" By asking those questions among others, your makeup artist will be able to work with you to custom tailor your perfect bridal look.

Photo Credit: Aster & Olive Photography

Photo Credit: Aster & Olive Photography

The personality of your makeup artist is also very important. You will be working closely with this person for the entire morning of your wedding. Make sure you click on a friendly level, and make sure that person is warm and relaxed. The last thing you want on your wedding day is any more stress, so someone laid back and easy to talk to will help to keep you calm and collected on the morning of your big day.

Potential clients should make sure that their makeup artist offers a trial before the wedding. Most will at an additional fee. It is very important to schedule a trial for makeup so your artist can ask all of the above questions, and so you can get to know them. The artist should take photos of the makeup when he or she is done for reference, as well as write down the products and shades used for their own reference. The artist should also recommend any products you may need to touch up your own makeup throughout the day and evening.

Photo Credit: Emily Millay Photography

Photo Credit: Emily Millay Photography

Lastly, you should look for an artist who is established in their business and career. The last thing you want on that day is "Aunt Sally" who has maybe done her own makeup nicely before, but has never put makeup on anyone else, doing your makeup the morning of your wedding. Don't cheap out here. The way you look is so important, since all eyes will be on you! Makeup artists charge elevated fees for many reasons. The convenience of on location services, the products (which are quite pricey for quality produces), their knowledge of how to work with those products to best suit your face shape, eye shape, and your skin tone, among other things.

Melanie also asked me to provide some questions to ask when booking a makeup artist for your wedding. Some great questions to ask include:

  • How long does it take for each person's makeup to be done?

  • Will you come on location?

  • Do you partner with any hairstylists?

  • What brand of cosmetics do you use?

  • Do you offer a makeup trial?

  • Will you stay for touch ups if needed?

  • Do you have photos of your work?

  • Where can I find reviews of your business?

Thank you Maggie for stopping by to share your tips and advice from ten years in the business! Want to be inspired by Maggie's beautiful images?  Follow her on social media and check out her website!