Oak & Honey Events Team 2016 Favorite Photos

There are so many things to be grateful for in 2016, from our newly married couples and event clients to fabulous vendors we worked with at each event. The O&H Team has taken a look back through all of the many AMAZING photos we received from the photographers and picked a few of our favorites.  Selecting these photos was one of the hardest things we had to do, each wedding and event we do has many moments that we love!

Krysta's Favorite Photo of the Year

Photo: Suzuran Photography

This is hands down my favorite photo taken from this past wedding season. Not just because of the great shot, but also because of what it represents. The biggest concern Allie and Matt (and their parents) had about their wedding day was the weather. The threat of rain for an outdoor wedding can be stressful, but aside from having a backup “rain plan” and lots of umbrellas, there isn’t much that can be done. When the day finally came, the rain cooperated with our timeline perfectly, and all their worries faded. Their wedding day was picture-perfect, and Suzuran Photography was even able to capture some gorgeous shots of Allie and Matt (including this one) just after the final downpour of the evening. When all was said and done, everyone was so happy with how amazing and smooth the wedding day turned out to be that they didn’t even mind the rain.

Katelyn's Favorite Photo of the Year

Photo: Suzuran Photography

Crystal and Jeff's wedding was definitely one of my favorites of the season. I was in love with everything from the design to the location at the Inn at Honey Run in Millersburg, Ohio. And can we just take a moment to talk about how ridiculously gorgeous this shot from Suzuran Photography is? Crystal and Jeff's wedding couldn't have been more perfect and they even had the majestic night sky to the end the day. Fun little fact: Melanie and I were driving by on golf carts as this was taken.

Melanie's Favorite Photo of the Year

Photo: Maiko Media

One of my favorite weddings of the season was Maddy and Chris's destination wedding in Omena, Michigan at Cherry Basket Farm. I connected so quickly with them because of our love for Colorado where the couple currently lives. The week of the wedding while watching the weather, we could tell there was no getting around the fact that it was going to rain. Maddy and Chris, as well as their families, embraced the weather with 20 mph wind and rain to enjoy the day. Kelsey with Maiko Media was able to capture a few shots in the cherry trees when there was a break in the weather.

O&H Team's Favorite Photo

Photo: Maiko Media


The Oak & Honey Events team traveled to gorgeous Traverse City, Michigan for the occasion. That means we had 7 hours of bonding in the car together. You definitely learn how well you jive with your team after that long of a car ride and three days of living together. Even with the bumps throughout the day - downpours of rain, high-speed winds, the electricity going out, you name it- the wedding was quite perfect and dreamy. Let's just say it kept things interesting. It's a great example of even though things might not go as planned, it can still turn out to be a lovely day.
Stay tuned for upcoming posts about our favorite bouquets, details, and dessert photos from 2016!