The Top 5 Menswear Trends to Style Your Groom


Your wedding is a day to share your love and commitment with your closest friends and family. It's your introduction to the world as a married couple! It's also a time to showcase and celebrate your personal style. As a bride, you put a great deal of care and attention into choosing the perfect wedding dress... something that suits your style, something you can twirl and move around in, something that makes you feel beautiful.

The dress, the venue, the decor, the food, etc. all play a role in showing your taste and preferences, so why not apply that same level of personalization to the menswear for that big day?

There are so many ways to make sure your groom's style is represented, so we chatted with Brandon at Self-Made Custom Menswear to get the scoop. Below are five trends he shared with us to ensure the suit garments are as full of personality and uniqueness as the special man wearing them.

#1: Pattern Blazers

The traditional black tux has been replaced with beautiful, elegant pattern fabrics that are for the most stylish of grooms. Stick to dark tones with bold accents or go with a lighter base and dark accents. You can even mix different textures on the blazer like satin and velvet for a truly unique garment.


#2: Accent Buttonhole Stitching

Nothing says “custom” like a hint of hand-stitched color on your sleeve and lapel buttonholes. The first buttonhole on your sleeve could be all the accent your outfit needs, or you can get super creative and add color to each buttonhole. These tiny details make a huge impact and show your guests how no detail went overlooked.


#3: Bold Linings

Who said the inside of the blazer needed to match the outside? Get funky with a contrasting inner fabric or match the outside swag with equally fabulous fabric on the inside. You can even stitch details (like your wedding date or lyrics from your first dance song) into your garment for a subtle, yet special, touch of flair.


#4: Unexpected Socks

One of the items that can be most easily forgotten on the “Wedding To-Do List” is the socks! Forget the ancient notion that your socks have to match your dress pants, and instead shake things up a bit. Let your groom and groomsmen pick the socks that show their personalities best. The subtle splash of color will leave their ensembles looking perfectly inspired.


#5: Bold Neckwear & Brilliant Boutonnieres

Flowers aren't just for the bride! The simplest way to add personality to your suit is with a coordinating boutonniere, an elegant bow tie, or a fun pocket square.


About Self-Made Custom Menswear

If you're in Cleveland, Ohio or Edmonton, Alberta, schedule an in-person appointment with their expert stylist to go over the customization options, fabrics, and measurements for your garment. Not in either of those cities? Visit their website to design your custom garment easily online.

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