Tips for Stocking the Bar at Your Wedding


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Addison Jones Photography

Among the many decisions that couples need to make for their wedding day, one of the fun ones is deciding how they'll stock the bar. There are a few standard options, and also some unique touches that a couple can choose to make the bar just as personal as every other wedding detail for their day.

To help shed some light on the bar options, we chatted with Krissy at

Sweet Water Caravan


What are the typical bar options for a wedding?

A typical wedding bar consists of a signature cocktail (or two!) along with a full bar. A full bar is usually vodka, whiskey, rum, gin, beer, and wine. We recommend always serving at least one signature drink because it's usually something fresh and seasonal, and it lets the couple add a personal touch to the bar. They can choose a drink concoction that they personally love and add a fun name! Also, for the bartender, a signature drink makes it easy for a guest to choose when it's their turn at the bar which makes the line move along faster!

What are the differences between a more traditional bar option and a mobile bar option like Sweet Water Caravan?

A more traditional bar option is a basic table with a linen. The benefit of this bar is that can go pretty much anywhere in the venue space. With the mobile bar option, the setup is much larger so we have to be able to fit into the location and also have sufficient power since we run lights inside of the bar car. But the mobile bar is super unique and adds a visual element that you won't get with a traditional bar.


Photo Credit:

Addison Jones Photography

With each option, what does the couple need to plan for or be prepared for?

In terms of planning, the traditional bar doesn't require much planning - the couple just needs to dedicate a space for it. With the Caravan, we plan, meet and go over everything logistically together. Since having a mobile bar is really providing an experience for your guests, you really want it to stand out. It becomes a focal point of the evening, so making sure it's somewhere close to the dance floor is a must! You don't want the floor empty because everyone is hanging out by the bar.

What do you recommend that a bar is stocked with at a wedding?

I recommend a bar always be stocked with plenty of vodka, good wine, and no more then 3 types of beers (a light, a dark, and something you both love or something that is local).

Tell us a bit about Sweet Water Caravan! How can we find you and work with you?

Sweet Water Caravan is a vintage camper mobile bar for hire. We serve all of northeast Ohio with professional bar service like no other. We pride ourselves in making every event as memorable as possible. We come with plenty of extras like yard games, glassware, copper mugs, and our newest addition - a vintage camper photo booth!


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