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Oak and Honey Events is featuring a guest blogger today! Heather McCoy, sole proprietor and designer of Fair Rarity Flowers, has shared some tips on helping to keep your wedding eco-friendly by following some good for the earth ideas for your flower decor.  She has been in the floral industry for almost 20 years.  Nationally, she has designed floral pieces for celebrities, prestigious restaurants, and most often for beautiful brides. Her award-winning work has been featured in Weddings in Cleveland magazine, Flowers& magazine, and on wedding inspiration blog, Borrowed & Bleu. Keep it seasonal Ask your florist to use local growers who will only offer flowers that are meant to be blooming on your wedding day. You will be supporting your community and will be staying true to your wedding date's natural flora varieties.

Lane Baldwin Photography Tillandsia bouquet

Be flexible When opting for seasonal blooms for your wedding, keep in mind that your options may be limited. You will most likely be able to keep with your color palette, but may have to use a type of flower that you hadn't originally considered. You may find that you are able to use something new and beautiful and grow one in your own garden the following season. A happy memory will be brought to life each anniversary!

Lane Baldwin Tillandsia boutonniere

Go Thrifting Thrift stores always have a good amount of glass for sale. Many have a huge selection of cool pieces that would be much cheaper than what your florist can offer and often much more eclectic and unique too! Again, flexibility is the key! You'll save money and feel good about reusing instead of contributing to the manufacturing of new materials.

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Use Plants Plants can provide an array of looks for your wedding flower decor. Small or medium-sized potted plants lining a long farm table gives a beautiful look, plus they can be planted instead of thrown away after the wedding. Tiny plants can be placed in sweet little containers and used as wedding favors or as place card holders. Also, consider single pieces of fruit such as apples, pears, or peaches (local and/or organic is best) for your place card holders. Guests can pick up their name card and enjoy a delicious piece of fruit to boot! Lastly, blooming plants can usually be cut to use for hand-held bouquets and then the roots and soil can be planted. When the plant blooms during its season, you'll have a happy reminder of your special day!

Retro Peacock succulent and vintage brass (1)

Thank you to Heather McCoy of Fair Rarity Flowers for sharing these tips and beautiful photos with us. Head over to her website to check out even more of her beautiful arrangements.