Extras that make your guests feel at home

Kick of your heels Whether guests have traveled across the country or across the street to celebrate with you, there a few things you can do to increase their comfort throughout the night or weekend. We've rounded up a few to make your guests enjoy your big day even more.

If parking can be a challenge at your selected venue, hire a valet. Your guests will be able to spend more time enjoying your time and won’t have to drive around worrying if they’ll find parking and how far they’ll have to walk in heels.

Make water readily available, especially towards the end of the night. After dancing and a few cocktails, they’ll be pleased to have easy access to water without waiting at the bar. A water dispenser is a great way to keep everyone hydrated. Another great way to supply water is having customized water bottles available as wedding favor as the guests leave.

For an outdoor venue, there are a number of things you can do to increase guest comfort. You can provide blankets to warm up colder guests. You can make sunglasses so that your friends and family don’t have to squint when your beautiful outdoor ceremony becomes a little brighter than they expected. Sunglasses can also come in handy for some fun, casual photos or in a photo booth. Whether indoors or out, a basket full of inexpensive flip flops will be a welcome relief for anyone who has been wearing her adorable yet painful heels while dancing the night away. They can be especially helpful if your venue has a softer surface, like grass, that would make heels stick.

As a special touch, you could setup baskets in the bathrooms should your guests need to freshen up. Items such as mints, tampons, sunscreen, deodorant, safety pins, and bug spray can help attendees enjoy the celebration.

Your guests will really appreciate if you take a little extra time to prepare these comfort items that they might not have considered. You want them to think of your special day and only have great memories. We want to hear from you! What have couples done at weddings you've attended recently that made you feel right at home? Please comment below to let us know.

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