*GIVEAWAY* Recycled Wedding Boutique and Decor Tips

Vases with Flowers In honor of the upcoming Recycled Wedding Boutique (event details can be found below), I’m sharing some tips on how to reuse decorations from your wedding. Reusing your wedding decorations can not only save you money, but it’s also good for the environment.

Something as simple as reusing ceremony floral arrangements at your reception will eliminate the need to purchase as many flowers. You can ask someone to move them from site to site while you’re taking photos so you don’t have another detail to worry about. This is also something your wedding planner/designer can help coordinate for you if you choose to work with one.

Using your location and the season for inspiration will provide you with a number of natural, cost-saving decor ideas. You can collect sea glass or shells from a nearby beach for a summer celebration or pine cones and branches for a more woodsy feel.

Another idea is using centerpieces made from vintage items or pieces collected from friends and family will add unique personality to your tables, and give your wallet a break too.


Recycled Wedding Boutique Info:

Oak & Honey Events is excited to announce Recycled Wedding Boutique, a flea market of sorts. Soon-to-be couples can shop slightly used, upcycled, recycled, and vintage items to create the wedding of their dreams from newlyweds who are looking to off load their wedding items. We have over 25 sellers that will be displaying their items at the event for you to find that perfect look for your event. You can use some of the same items that made their wedding day complete to create the look and feel you're dreaming of for your wedding day. Make sure to check out our Dress Boutique at the event presented by Something White A Bridal Boutique! Enter below to win a pair of tickets to the Recycled Wedding Boutique. I hope to see you there!

Presenting Event sponsors - Oak & Honey Events, RED Space at Hotcards, and KnotProfit

Event Sponsors - Something White A Bridal Boutique, SweetWater Caravan, Emily Millay Photography, Miller Party Center Rentals, Team Bride Apparel

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