Ways to incorporate the 3 Rs into your wedding

Vintage table and setting You sort the recycling, take reusable bags every time you shop, and have attempted several diy projects to repurpose items around the house, but now that you’re planning your wedding how do you incorporate your environmental stewardship. We have some tips to reduce the carbon footprint and incorporate the 3 “R”s into your big day!


Tip: Skip the linens and go with a farm table so only napkins will need to be rented. Not only does this tip help the environment by reducing the harsh chemicals used to launder the linens, it also adds a unique element to your reception space. The decor, no matter the theme, will be enhanced by farm tables and we can leave behind the polyester tablecloths of days past.

Tip: Simplify: avoid layered invite with inner envelopes and tissues and you will reduce the amount of paper waste (and save money). If you’ve already starting shopping for your invitations, you’ve seen the price tag that goes along with the traditional wedding invite with lots of unnecessary goodies stuffed inside. Many couples have chosen less traditional invitations with postcards for RSVPs to save on paper and postage costs. If you and your beau are big into technology, you could even have your guests RSVP on a website.

Tip: Don’t order cake for every guest. Not everyone will eat a piece of cake at your wedding and there is no need to have a piece for everyone unless your desserts are pre-plated. A good rule to follow is to order cake for 80% of your guests. Less cake in the garbage, more money in your pocket.


Tip: Find items from past weddings that you can reuse on your day. Before you run out and purchase sixty tea light light holders to make your centerpieces look magical, check with your friend, coworker, or sister-in-law who just tied the knot. She may have just what you need sitting in a box just begging to be borrowed. You never know what little treasures you’ll find from previous weddings until you ask.

Tip: Rent your items from an event rental company (or through your caterer) instead of buying. Always imagined having vintage china at your event, but don’t have nearly enough place settings to accommodate your guest list? You can turn to a rental company who provides many different options at a fraction of the purchase price. Not only will you save money and protect the environment, you also won’t have to find space in your cabinets for all that china after the event.

Tip: Donate flowers to nursing homes. The little bundle will be enjoyed for many more days after the wedding. If you’re headed off to an amazing honeymoon in Belize but don’t want the flowers to go to waste, you can lift some spirits by donating the arrangements from your wedding to a nursing home. Ask one of your local guests to drop them off the next day.


Tip: Ask your caterer and bartenders to recycle. Separate receptacles for recycling can be easily be added alongside the trash allowing not only the staff to recycle, but also allowing your guests to quickly recycle and get back to celebrating with you.

Tip: Compost on your wedding day or choose a caterer who does. Be a part of the solution and not the problem on your wedding day; enrich the environment by composting or hiring a vendor who will.

Tip: Avoid incorporating items in the wedding that CAN’T be recycled like styrofoam and floral arrangements that use flower foam. Make sure the caterer, bartender, and florist you select doesn’t use any foam products or is willing to use more environmentally friendly products for your wedding. Styrofoam takes over a million years to decompose! Most vendors will accommodate their clients environmentally friendly requests.

Using these simple tips, you can still have the wedding you've dreamed about while taking care of the earth.